Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Healthier and Healthier

I am sorry to say that I am about to become one of Those People. One of Those People who uses only natural things to clean their house, food, body, etc. After zealously cleaning my dust covered apartment with standard furniture polish, bleach, and scrub (and inhaling these items)...I got wildly sick. I have not had such a clear reaction to chemical inhalation since I stained my bookcases a few months ago. Stripped mucous membranes, flu-like aches, and a mild fever culminating in, ultimately, a nasty sinus/bronchial infection.

Why am I sorry? I still have a strange hope that I can be 'normal'. You know, eat twinkies and feel fine, clorox my life away and be unphased. It just seems like it would be simpler. A word to the wise, when you become really healthy...you start to realize how toxic everyday products are.

So, I'm off to revamp my cleaning cupboard! Join me?

I'll be posting what products I choose and why soon.

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