Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What's Keeping You from Reaching Out for Help?

It took me 30-odd years to acknowledge I actually needed people to get through life. For some reason I refused help in anything from day one, I thought needing others was a sign of weakness. In high school, my volleyball coach called me his Independent Wonder. I took much pride in not needing anyone for anything. That got me super far...away from functional relationships of any kind with myself and others.

Now, people often comment on how together I am: grounded, pro-active, forward thinking. I'm a healthcare provider, it's my job to be together for my clients. What they don't know is that I have a team of people helping me do just that. I don't exaggerate when I say a team. When I find someone who I resonate with, who helps me move forward in life and navigate my BS (that's the technical term), I lock them in. They're in my speed-dial. This includes the remarkable friends I have and the professionals I've been lead to. 

When I work with someone who has helped me change my life, I refuse to keep them to myself. One of the people I've been fortunate enough to cross paths with is my life coach, 
Jenny Fenig. Jenny has worked long and hard to design the life she's always wanted, now she's helping other women do the same. 

What's the difference between a life coach and a therapist? A therapist helps you heal emotional trauma and approach life in a healthy way, a life coach helps in moving your life forward through acknowledging blocks and helping outline specific action steps. I never could have worked effectively with Jenny without years of work with my amazing therapist, Lorraine, but that's another blog entry.

I've gotten more accomplished in my personal and professional life than ever before with Jenny's help. In one especially pivotal session, Jenny helped me get to the root of my procrastination issues. I expressed that I was great at working for someone else, I would go above and beyond in any job I'd been hired to do. She helped me nail down that my greatest fear was that I would not succeed even if I put in all the effort I needed to. 

Jenny pointed out that I was my own boss. "What kind of boss do you want to be?" she asked. Whoa. "What type of performance do you expect from your employees?" I had never thought of it that way. Then she asked, "What kind of employee do you want to be?" There it was. Both sides of the coin. It somehow struck a lot closer to home than knowing I need to be accountable to myself. 

I never know what I'm going to talk about with Jenny in our phone sessions and they always lead to empowerment and clarity. She doesn't talk in touchy-feely platitudes or general, New Age sound-bytes. Jenny works specifically with women, if you are male and need a coach, I know she can point you to the right person. Start reading her blog and sign up today for a complimentary 30 minute "Get Focused" phone session. 

We can't do everything on our own. What's holding you back from being your all? Who can you find who can help you overcome those obstacles? 

How can I help you find the right person? 

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